Connect with an outside responder using LTE or broadband technology

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Owning/Managing Organization: TACN FirstNet

Program Description: Contact a responder from a different public safety organization using a portable radio. Or, use your smart phone to share text, video, image, or GPS data in real-time. Feel free to send selfies, XYZ coordinates of your current location, or a video of a tour around your station. If you already know how to share media, teach an outside responder to do so.

Objectives of Program: First responders will have access to FirstNet's fast, reliable broadband network that allows for instant communication with public safety workers across the US. Currently, only 60 percent of Tennessee's 50,000 emergency responders actively use TACN's interoperable land mobile radio system. TACN FirstNet wants every public safety professional in Tennessee to not only adopt existing technologies but prepare for the future of advanced communications.

How to Participate: 
Use your portable radio or FirstNet enabled smart phone or tablet to establish contact with a responder from any public safety organization other than your own. Or, teach a fellow responder how to do so.
Make a radio call or share multimedia data with a fellow responder in minutes!
Reach out to responders anytime, anywhere at no cost.
Learn how to make calls and share multimedia data in a variety of ways on your own.