Host a regional mock emergency

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Owning/Managing Organization: TACN FirstNet

Program Description: Coordinate with public safety organizations in nearby districts to host a multi-agency "mock" emergency situation, like a tornado, for a public audience. Respond by communicating with participating responders from multiple jurisdictions using FirstNet-approved devices. Invite the public to attend and request public safety advocate groups to table at your event.

Objectives of Program: First responders will have access to FirstNet's fast, reliable broadband network that allows for instant communication with public safety workers across the US. Currently, only 60 percent of Tennessee's 50,000 emergency responders actively use TACN's interoperable land mobile radio system. TACN FirstNet wants every public safety professional in Tennessee to not only adopt existing technologies but prepare for the future of advanced communications.

How to Participate: 
Plan with agencies near your area to host a mock event. Advertise the event around town and through social media.
Work with nearby public safety organizations to organize and host the event over the course of about one year.
All participating agencies involved must cover their own costs. Agencies may be able to utilize grants or receive financial assistance through the Office of Emergency Communications. Visit to learn more.
This event allows your agency to meet and work with public safety professionals from surrounding areas.