11 Apr

This week marks the annual National Public Safety Telecommunicators Week (NPSTW). Held every year during the second week of April, NPSTW is a time to recognize telecommunications personnel in the public safety community for their service and commitment t

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The First Responder Network Authority extends its appreciation to the dispatchers, telecommunicators, police officers, firefighters, paramedics, and other public safety personnel for the important work they do every day to keep their communities safe and secure. On this page, learn more about how FirstNet’s innovative technology, devices and applications will help public safety professionals save lives and protect their communities.

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14 Mar

A firefighter's guide to drone flight: 7 elements of a copter drone

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By Jim Spell

It is no surprise that drones are gaining wide acceptance in the fire service. While not new to construction work, traffic departments or law enforcement, fire departments around the country are increasing their participation in the advancement of strategic observation. Fire service agencies around the world will spend over 800 million dollars on drones in the coming months, in activities such as:

Monitoring a fire scene.
Surveying large areas for victims.
Lighting an incident.
Supplying equipment
Assessing a disaster.

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